Flamma, Fall

Oct 5 - Nov 9, 2008

Seven stones, granite, some from Skäret and others from Anneberg. Most of them covered with lichen. Burned and unburned stoneware clay. Marble peaches.

Two boards from Simi and several from Långviksskär. Five larger sticks and a smaller. Twigs from the elm brushwood behind the boathouse. Bamboo sticks, Iris and two faded tulips. A dead chaffinch.

Three wooden bowls and three made of porcelain of which one is slightly broken. One badly tinned copper bowl and one made of German silver. Two unglazed ceramic bowls and one that brooked. One felt hat. One coral. One concrete toad. One chipped ceramic sculpture from the bazaar in Cairo. One weathered icon from Kondogennada and a book-end attacked by worms from the school in the same village. A scraper. Glass.

Eight cardboard boxes. Empty drawers, a Moroccan Clementine box and two other found boxes. One music stand from Skåne. A bike. One last Wittgenstein note. Plastic string. Textile. Masonite. Chipboard. Nails. Hydrochloric acid. Oil and vinyl. Graphite. Marker. Jesmonite jugs.

All the every-day things. Work. Books. Fundaments. Cigs.