Cry Me the Sorrows

Oct 18 - Nov 18, 2007

A cast of austere androgynes populates the porcelain world created by Christian-Pontus Andersson. All of these sublimely formed inhabitants have their own characteristics and specific relationships with each other, but they live out their lives in limited freedoom; constrained, conditioned and manipulated by their sovereign ruler.

Old-fashioned discourses have until quite recently upheld the classification of works in porcelain as craft. Christian-Pontus Andersson’s use of porcelain as the material for his outstanding sculptural works creates new dynamic perspectives on sculpture, craft works and the use of porcelain as an artistic medium.

Christian-Pontus Andersson was born in 1977 and is a recent graduate from the ceramics and glass department at Konstfack. He has exhibited at the National museum in Stockholm and has participated in group exhibitions in Tokyo, München and Milan.


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