Jan 12 - Feb 12, 2012

In his latest series Noise, the Danish photographer and artist Mads Gamdrup (b. 1967) has continued and developed the themes introduced in the series Monochrome Colour Noise from 2009.

The exhibition presents a group of photographs that appear abstract, and are reminiscent of non-figurative painting like Rothko and Klein, rather than traditional photography. The colours flicker before the eyes and create a kind of a pulsating visual noise, a meditative optical phenomena that manipulates the eye and puts the visual perception of the work in focus.

Using a special technique called "Monochrome Colour Noise" each colour's exceptional resonance is manipulated by creating degrees of transparency within the individual colour unit – from pure colour to pure light. In the darkroom he has defined the colour on paper via different wavelengths of light, visualized as gradings of circles or squares.

In one of the works a factory building is visible, an uncovering of what is concealed behind the monochrome squares, as well as a reminder of the colour and the lights significant abilities to construct and reproduce reality.

Mads Gamdrup has been professor at the Department ofPhotography at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art since 2006. He has taken part in several exhibitions in Europe and USA. In 2010 he participated in Carnegie Art Award. Noise is his second exhibition at Christian Larsen Gallery.


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