Post - Empire

Feb 23 - Apr 1, 2017

Why paint landscapes today?

In his forth exhibition at the gallery Viktor Rosdahl presents a new direction in his painting previously not shown to the Stockholm audience. In landscape painting he finds a subject in the colors themselves, where the creative process reigns, where wet paint moves the artist out of time and space.

Ask yourself what the landscape depicts. In an art historical context landscape painting has similarities to postcards - perhaps from a place you have never been - or nostalgia - to a place you have yet to return to. The dream of Venice or a distant childhood home. But what if these are someone else’s memories? Then ask yourself if this place really exists or if it is a form of escapism, a declaration of love to a greasy creative process, a room of one’s own in art history. A ”fuck you all” and a warm embrace.

Since graduating from Malmö Art Academy in 2007 Viktor Rosdahl has gained recognition for his paintings and sculptures; detailed and time consuming - both dramatic and expressive - where stories, methods, subjects and materials alter but always with a tender perspective on the individual, in the perifery of society, opposed to utopia, against a backdrop of monumental architecture and psychological and social vulnerability. This is an artist followed by many with great interest.

Rosdahl has exhibited both locally and internationally over the last ten years. His work is representerad at Moderna Museet and several other important Swedish art institutions, and he has received awards and scholarships such as the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Grant.


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